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Search Go. Contact Us. Requirements Admission Requirements The applicant must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university within the United States in a field other than physical therapy. Have a minimum 3.

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The applicant must have a grade of C or better in all prerequisite courses. Complete at least 40 hours of documented observation of physical therapy in various settings e. A letter from a Physical Therapist Assistant will not be accepted in lieu of a letter from a Physical Therapist. Letter 1: Written by a physical therapist who has interacted with the applicant for at least 20 hours in a clinical setting.

How To Stand Out On Your Physical Therapy School Application

Letter 2: Written by a physical therapist who has interacted with the applicant for at least 20 hours in a clinical setting. Letter 3: Written by a professor with whom the applicant had significant interaction in an academic setting.

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The GRE code is If invited, complete a personal interview with the Department of Physical Therapy faculty. Interviews will be held on January 17 and January 24, Course requirements are listed in semester credit hours.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences Psychology 6 hours. Complete the UAB medical history questionnaire and physical. The UAB Doctor of Physical Therapy program will submit all transcripts that were submitted through PTCAS to the Graduate School; however, you will be responsible for sending any transcripts that were either not submitted or do not show degree awarded. Complete a criminal background check and drug screen before the first semester as specified by the Department of Physical Therapy.

State law regulates the practice of Physical Therapy. The following answers are direct quotes with minimal editing.

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I truly hope that this post helps guide you through this stressful time, and I wish you the best of luck with completing your essays! Be okay with revealing failures, fears, anxieties, or emotional pain.

Pre-PT: Making Your Application Stand Out

Those are not weaknesses, they are reality. They have a lot of trouble empathizing with patients. They often not always judge.

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Those of us who read essays have heard these phrases and many others many times. Applicants need to make it personal. Being critical or assuming of other profession is not appropriate. What is written is likely less important than how it is written. No matter what the content, if the essay contains many spelling or grammatical errors, is poorly organized, does not connect thoughts or concepts well, or demonstrates tendencies toward either arrogance or passivity, it will probably not make a good impression on the reader.

Honesty is always the best policy. We all have a story, tell it! We have the 1 online course for all Pre-PTs. What would it be like to have everything mapped out for you on your PT Journey?