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This will help you answer these London Business School essay questions. In addition, knowing the culture can help you prepare the rest of your application for admission. Once you have a good sense of the school and how you will take advantage of the opportunity to attend LBS, you will be better prepared to approach the essay questions.

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To learn more about LBS, visit the programme website. Self-awareness about your strengths and interests will help you refine what you truly want in your career for this London Business School essay. It could be helpful to talk to colleagues and alumni who have MBAs in your field to identify various career paths.

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Make sure that your career goals are both realistic and aspirational. Think about the short term roles post-MBA that may lead to your most ambitious longer term goals. Your past experiences have likely informed your post-MBA plans. Touching on those most relevant will help you set the background for your current pursuit of an MBA.

Think about explaining the rationale for your decisions throughout the essay. Why did you pursue your past experience and what has been the impetus behind subsequent career choices?


At this point, why are you choosing LBS? As you speak with current LBS students and visit campus or other events, learn as much as you can about the programs, professors, and classes that may help you achieve your goals.

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  • By creatively addressing challenges I made a diverse, decentralized group more cohesive, and improved our final product. My experience running my own company will positively impact my study group and the companies I work with in London Business Experience, Global Business Experience and Summer Consulting Program. After visiting London Business School in August and attending an information session in NYC in October, I understand and appreciate the importance of student involvement.

    London Business School Sample Essay. Question 1 words In what role or sector do you see yourself working immediately after graduation? How will your past and present experiences help you achieve this?

    London business school essay tips - M|M Essay

    Question 2 words Where do you see your career progressing five years after graduation and what is your longer term career vision? A great work profile and career goals are important. But so is showing that you are a well-rounded leader who can contribute in any setting you are a part of.

    London London Business School Optional Essay

    Do your homework on LBS to be able to pinpoint precisely the areas within the school community where you will contribute and lead. It is helpful when you can show continuity or previous interest ideally even leadership experience in the same area to give credence to your essay.

    London business school essay tips

    What role will you play in your first year study group? Question 4 words Student involvement is an extremely important part of the London MBA experience and this is reflected in the character of students on campus. What type of student club or campus community events will you be involved with and why?