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Remember to proofread it. Spelling and grammar mistakes are likely to send your application to the rejection pool in the speed of lightning. One should view the selection interview as a way of getting to know each party better. The interview panel aims to get to know more about you, your personal and professional achievements, your leadership potential, how the programme can add value to your post-MBA career aspirations and your language proficiency level.

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On the other hand, you should take this opportunity to ask questions which have not been addressed in the marketing materials, such as if there will be any curriculum changes, how does the business school or programme develop relationships with your post-MBA target industry, etc. Most importantly, remember to be yourself! In all likelihood, you will have worked in a group, so that you can also bring out the collaborative nature of your undertaking.

Journalists follow a classical rule while reporting events, and you may possibly find this useful in your description. In presenting any account, say who was involved, what happened, where and when it took place, and why and how it happened. Answering these questions ensures that you give a complete picture of the situation. While assessing your career progress, you need not go into detail regarding your technical accomplishments. Rather, you should concentrate on the leadership roles you assumed, since this is what the adcom will be primarily concerned with.

Explain what drove you into this career, and why a particular career path especially appeals to you. If there has been any switch in career roles, or gaps between different jobs, give credible reasons for the same.

Following this, point out the short-term and long-term goals you have formulated for yourself, and then zero in on the skills you still need to acquire, and on why you think Nanyang is your best bet in this regard. There are certain attributes all business schools look for in applicants — impactful leadership, community service, a sense of vision and the capacity to think big, initiative, integrity, communications skills, the ability to be a team player, self-awareness, etc. Therefore, when you discuss your personal and professional achievements, make certain you focus on one or more of these traits.

Since you have already spoken of community service in your first answer, this does not need to feature again here. Let us suppose you topped your batch in college, and you also took the lead in organizing an alumni association.

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While the first example might reflect your academic brilliance, it does not by itself reflect any of the qualities listed above. However, the fact that, with the help of your colleagues, you organized an alumni association will be seen as indicative of your initiative and collaborative spirit.

Hence, it would be more judicious to mention the latter achievement. Do not neglect to point out the impact of your achievements, for this is something the adcom is always on the look-out for. This is an excellent essay to judge your leadership potential. Upcoming SlideShare.

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