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It is easy to see if you are missing some information in an outline. It is also easier for the teacher to see where you are having problems.

Long and Short Essay on Road Accident in English

The outline is the skeleton of the essay. It represents the bones or basic structure that you use to build your essay. For instance, let's say your essay is your response to the events related to an accident that you experienced. Your teacher wants you to give some background infomation about the accident in your introduction; you need three paragraphs in the body of your essay, and you need a conclusion.

Narrative On Car Accident

If we use Roman numerals to indicate paragraphs, the basic outline will look like this: I. Background information -- the date and time of the event. Thesis Statement -- Let the reader know what the focus of the essay is going to be. Your first response A.

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Details relating to your response III. Your second response A. Details of your second response IV. Your third response A.

Details of your third response V. Conclusion A. Remind the reader of the importance of the event and its effects on you. Make a final comment. This may be advice or an opinion or prediction. Now let's see what the paragraphs look like when we use the outline for guidance.

Car Accident Essay Examples

Developing a Thesis Statement A thesis statement governs the entire essay. It tells the reader what the writer intends to talk about.

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The thesis statement is usually -- but not always -- the last sentence in the introduction. It may be direct or indirect. An implied thesis means the writer does not tell the reader exactly what the topics will be in the other paragraphs supporting paragraphs of the essay.

Car accident report essay

The information in the introduction that comes before the thesis is the backgound information. Let's see if we can develop an introduction with background information and a thesis statement.

First, we need to set the time and place for the essay. Last winter early in the morning, I was driving to school in Annandale. Unfortunately, I did not make it to class because I was in an accident.

Personal Narrative- Nearly Fatal Car Accident Essay

I try to take each day and make it worthwhile. When my history teacher gives me reading homework, I rejoice in the fact I am here to read it at all, and that I can learn, instead of being a vegetable in the hospital like so many are after terrible car accidents. I live every. Narrative On Car Accident. Accessed 03, Page 1 of 2. Car Accident "A car is not the only thing that can be recalled by its maker. Read Full Essay Save. My mother tried to stop our car as fast as she could but her leg foot slipped from the brake pedal and it was too late.

I lifted my head to look up and saw my mother, she was conscious but she could not move. The next thing that I remember is that I woke up in my bed, and the first thing on my mind was my mother. I rushed out of my room and went to her bed room and found her sleeping in her bed. I was relieved and happy, my heart was relaxed and I started breathing normally again.

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