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Sometimes you love them more. He means that if you are way from someone you love a lot, it is hard to keep your love. It does not mean you start loving them any less.

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Your love will build up and you will find out that you love them more than you thought you did. Nicholas Sparks is known for his romantic novels. Nicholas Sparks is a writer who loves….

For Nicholas Sparks, his writing style has to be very liberal and flexible because if it was not like that then he would only create similar novels. It is essential that he is able to manipulate his own writing style. The main thing that affects the writing style as said before is the theme of the novel; that is what sets the mood for the writing style.

Apparently the theme is very important for Nicholas Sparks ' writing because that is what causes a remarkable difference between the narrative….

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Although support of the arts department seems frivolous and irrelevant to an education, children should be taught music lessons at a young age in order to augment cognitive brain development, improve memory, and spark creativity. The main method of getting music classes to kids is through their school program. When the funding to the arts is cut, potential brain expansion is hindered. These days, many romantic poems, movies and books tell tales of one person loving another in which those feelings are not returned.

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks

We often see ourselves within the characters of these stories, which is what makes them so appealing. I learned how to develop my content farther while writing then I had been able to before. The next actor i would use Chris Pine for the character Travis.

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Travis is a laid back veterinarian who is very sporty and loves the outdoors. Chris Pine has that athletic look and physique.

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  5. Chris Pine can play both 29 year old Travis and 40 year old Travis. Chris Pine has a very boys next door look which is needed because Gabby is upposed to have a huge crush on him. I think that Chris Pine and Debra Messing would have good chemistry and they would look good together. I would have to cast someone who is older but is good at acting. I would use Mel Gibson because he is a really good actor and he is a crowd pleaser. I think he would bring in an older crowd of people to come see the move. The next character are Travis and Gabbys two daughters.

    These characters would be hard to cast because the are 8 and 5 years old so i would have to find two girls who look young and are good at acting.

    A Love Found, Lost and Regained in the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

    He made Jamie feel loved and special, making her happy all the time. Jamie was initially on a wheel chair, for she was very weak. She stood up and walked towards the altar to meet Landon, and his father Hegbert, who was to officiate the wedding. The story of the novel was astounding.

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    The novel also showed us that regardless of our statures in life, love will prevail. Landon was part of the popular kids, who played pranks on others for fun, aimless, and cared less for their education. I particular admire the part wherein Jamie told Landon not to fall in love with her.

    It was an awkward statement to be given by Jamie, knowing her status in school. Landon, on the other hand, took it effortlessly, knowing that he would not fall in love with a girl like Jamie.


    He was surprised in the end, knowing that he had done the things that he did not normally do in life. But the novel goes further than that.

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    With the simple plot, the author was able to incorporate to the novel the magic and lessons in life that may be learned by teenagers. He was able to take into consideration the differences in perceptions, and how people, from all walks of life can come together for one purpose. In this case, those who used to despise Jamie helped give her the best summer she can have in her lifetime.