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Following on from our list of 10 things to think about when writing your personal statement, here are ten things to avoid in your personal statement. If you haven't already, take a look at our list of 10 things to include in your personal statement.

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When you are writing a personal statement for your application, for every opportunity to shine there is a pitfall to be dodged, so let's have a look at some of the most common ones. These are things to think about. Almost everything below is about how and why you include something in your personal statement, rather than about avoiding it altogether. We want to hear about you and your interests in your words.

If you avoid using templates and keep it simple , stay away from quotes and use your own words, your statement will be naturally original.

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SKKU offers an orientation session for exchange students to help them adjust into a new life in the campus environment. SKKU International Officer also organizes cultural activities and social events for all exchange students. And in the future I am hoping to be able to offer help to those suffering from incurable disorders, in order for them to function as best as they can. There is no profile associated with this personal statement, as the writer has requested to remain anonymous.

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Demonstrating why psychology appeals to you So what should you include in your psychology personal statement? Dr Alice Jones, an admissions tutor at Goldsmiths University of London, wants applicants to show, with evidence, how they've developed their interest in psychology through independent learning.

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This could include books or publications you've read. These don't have to be psychology textbooks or the works of Freud, Milgram or Zimbardo, but ideally something you've researched for yourself. Make sure you explain what each example has prompted you to think about and why. It doesn't have to be a book or even something you've read with your eyes, either.

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  4. Anything that shows you've extended your learning beyond the classroom, through journals, websites, podcasts, lectures and so on, will impress. If you mention an interest in a particular career path, ensure you demonstrate some understanding about how you will get there, too - an awareness that you'll need to pursue postgraduate training, for instance.

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    Give details of any specific interests or ambitions you have that relate to the content of the course. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for psychological research as a focus for academic study. Provide evidence of when you have pursued your interest in psychology outside the classroom see above! Give examples of non-curricular activities you are involved in which indicate the contribution you are likely to make to university life.


    One successful applicant finished her statement with a short paragraph about her Saturday job on a supermarket fish counter, describing the satisfaction she got from knowing how to gut and fillet a mackerel. Linking her experience to psychology in an innovative but relevant way was a lot more interesting than just saying it had improved her teamwork or communication skills which are a bit broad. Share this page. You may want to look at these Personal statements: top ways to sell yourself Your personal statement is no place to be humble.