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Usage terms Public Domain. Viewed on a simple level, Dr Jekyll is a good man, much admired in his profession. Mr Hyde, meanwhile, is evil.

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He is a murderer; a monster who tramples upon a small girl simply because she happens to be in his way. On a deeper level, however, the comparison is not merely between good and evil but between evolution and degeneration. Such a nightmarish biological lineage that denied the specialness of humans, feeds into many late-Victorian Gothic novels.

Mr Hyde is regarded as physically detestable but perhaps only because he subconsciously reminds those he encounters of their own distant evolutionary inheritance. These were brought, usually at night, to the back entrance of the house, which had a drawbridge leading to the preparation rooms and lecture-theatre. The twist is that the reputable front and the rundown rear form two sides of the same property. Exactly where Mr Enfield has been, and what he has been up to, are never made clear but it sounds far from innocent.

Throughout the book the people and events that initially seem innocent and straightforward become dark and sinister when viewed more closely. The house of renowned surgeon John Hunter, thought to have inspired Stevenson's depiction of Dr Jekyll's residence. By literally splitting the consciousness of Dr Jekyll into two — the decent side that attempts, and largely succeeds, in suppressing desires that run contrary to the dictates of society; and the amoral side that runs riot in an attempt to gratify animal desire — Stevenson explores in a heightened fashion the battles played out in every one of us.

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In his confession at the end of the book, Jekyll observes that, ultimately, he will have to choose between being Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde. Poster depicting the split personalities of Jekyll and Hyde from the film adaptation starring Fredric March, Why would the respectable Jekyll grant the vile Hyde free access to his house, let alone alter his will so that in the event of his death or disappearance Hyde will inherit.

Homosexuality and blackmail were frequently linked in this period. Dr Jekyll is a bachelor — indeed the entire story is played out amongst a small circle of unmarried men. In this tale of double-lives nobody is quite what they initially appear to be. The ferocity of the attack mirrors the intensity of the Ripper murders. Opened in , the museum houses such treasures as his childhood rocking chair, writing desk, toy soldiers, and personal writings among many other items. The museum is free to the public and serves as an academic archive for students, writers, and Stevenson enthusiasts.

Stevenson's former home in Vailima, Samoa is now a museum dedicated to the later years of his life. The museum collection includes several original items belonging to Stevenson and his family. The path to Stevenson's grave at the top of Mt Vaea commences from the museum. A plaque above the door of a house in Castleton of Braemar states "Here R.

Stevenson spent the Summer of and wrote Treasure Island, his first great work". A garden was designed by the Bournemouth Corporation in as a memorial to Stevenson, on the site of his Westbourne house, "Skerryvore", which he occupied from to A statue of the Skerryvore lighthouse is present on the site. In the story line, Stevenson falls in love with Fanny Osbourne, played by Aline Towne , the mother of two children in a loveless marriage in San Francisco.

The couple met in France where Stevenson was recuperating from health issues and moved to San Francisco, where Stevenson worked tirelessly despite lingering health matters in the production of his large volume of literary works.

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Alongside Stevenson's portrait are scenes from some of his books and his house in Western Samoa. The first note to be printed was sent to Samoa in time for their centenary celebrations on 3 December Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California , was established in and still exists as a college preparatory boarding school. This was also until recently changed the name of a restaurant on Comiston Road, Edinburgh on the route of a favourite walk that Stevenson often took to the village of Swanston in the Pentland Hills. In , Stevenson's open letter defending Father Damien from Rev.

Stevenson paces in his dining room in an portrait by John Singer Sargent.

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His wife Fanny, seated in an Indian dress, is visible in the lower right corner. Portrait by John Singer Sargent , Portrait by William Blake Richmond , List of short stories sorted chronologically.

Although not well known, his island fiction and non-fiction is among the most valuable and collected of the 19th century body of work that addresses the Pacific area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. Portrait by Henry Walter Barnett , Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne m. Portrait by Girolamo Nerli , This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Poetry portal Children's literature portal Biography portal. The spelling "Lewis" is said to have been rejected because his father violently disliked another person of the same name, and the new spelling was not accompanied by a change of pronunciation Balfour I, 29 n. The Manse. Retrieved 14 May Sheridan House, Inc. The New York Times. Alison Cunningham's recollection of Stevenson balances the picture of an oversensitive child, "like other bairns, whiles very naughty": Furnas , Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Retrieved: 1 August The Telegraph.

Retrieved 4 August A decadent dandy who envied the manly Victorian achievements of his family, a professed atheist haunted by religious terrors, a generous and loving man who fell out with many of his friends — the Robert Louis Stevenson of Claire Harman's biography is all of these and, of course, a bed-ridden invalid who wrote some of the finest adventure stories in the language. This caused a painful rift with his father, who damned him as a "careless infidel". Robert Louis Stevenson: Interviews and Recollections.

Iowa City: U of Iowa P. Crabbed Age and Youth and Other Essays. Portland, Maine: Thomas B. Retrieved 20 April Robert Allen Armstrong ed. Cosimo, Inc. Baildon, Vailima, Upolu [undated, but written in ].

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    Victorian-era children's literature. Henry Cadwallader Adams R. Farrar G. Meade G. Sowerby Millicent Sowerby John Tenniel. List of 19th-century British children's literature titles. Toy book. Character Adaptations. Hyde Dr. Hyde The Head of Janus Dr. Pyckle and Mr.